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Brewing with the V60

Brewing with the V60

We will be walking through how to make a pour over using the Hario V60. It's important to note there are many different types of vessels when brewing pour over coffee. For example, there's the Origami from Slow Pour Supply or the Stagg from Fellow Products. But the Hario V60 is a classic, and once you learn how to master it, you will be able to make pour overs using anything.


First things first, you will need:

  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Water
  • Decanter
  • Coffee
  • V60
  • Paper filter

For this recipe, we will be using a ratio of 1:16.

  • 15g coffee
  • 250g water
  • Water temp: 208°F

For the grind size, you will want to use a size that is a little bit finer than what you would expect for a light roast, and just a little bit coarser for a dark roast.


First, set the decanter on a scale, and put the V60 on top of the decanter. Next, prep your paper filter by slightly folding over and creasing the side of the filter where the seam is.

When the filter is creased, you can pop it into the V60. You will now "wash" the filter. This means you will saturate the filter with some hot water to remove any possible residue or dust that could affect the taste and quality of your coffee.

After you've given the filter a quick wash, you will dump out the water from the decanter. Now, you're ready to start brewing.


Pour 15g of the coffee of your choosing into the V60. Then give the V60 a shake to help level the coffee for the best extraction possible. At this point, go ahead and tare out your scale.

For this recipe, we will be pouring in 50g intervals. After the first pour, we will wait about 45 seconds, pour 50 more grams, wait 10 seconds, pour 50 grams, wait 10 seconds, and so on until you reach 250g of water total.

Pour in your first 50g. When pouring, start in the middle, and work your way out using a circular motion. When all 50g are in, start your timer and wait 45 seconds.

Once the 45 seconds are up, you will pour in 50g of water, using the same motion as before, and wait 10 seconds. Repeat this step until you reach 250g of water.

When the last 50g of water is in, give the V60 a little shake.

Now, wait until all of the water has fallen from the V60 and into your decanter. Then you can go ahead and pull the filter from the V60, and throw it away.

You're now ready to enjoy your coffee!


If you want a more visual tutorial on brewing with the V60, check out our YouTube video below where our Director of Coffee Education, Austin, walks us through it.