Our Story

More and more, day in and day out, life seems to move at a faster pace. Hour by hour we seemingly fill up our days with more activities, often drawing us away from what really matters in our lives. Sabbath Coffee Roasters believes that a cup of coffee offers a moment of respite - a pause that can be found within our day.

Trevor and Miranda Graham grew Sabbath Coffee Roasters around the idea that coffee offers rest. After meeting over a cup of coffee in 2012, the couple married two short years later and their love for coffee only grew more feverishly. As the couple found themselves working more and more and seeing less and less of each other, they realized just how special simply sharing a cup of coffee together meant to them.

Their growing curiosity to dive deeper into the science of coffee led them to purchase a small home roaster (and set off smoke alarms, on multiple occasions, in their apartment complex.) After much experimentation they started passing out samples to friends and family. Slowly, these samples turned into purchases, leading them to the curation of Sabbath Coffee Roasters.

From farmers markets, to pop up events, and meeting coffee enthusiasts and novices alike, the goal for Sabbath Coffee Roasters became prevalent: To provide a cup for everyone! We aspire to be a host that is approachable and accessible, while providing the break we all need within our day through a fantastic cup of coffee.

Come visit us in store at our flagship location in Clawson, Michigan.

Sabbath Coffee Roasters Store